Becoming a EEGS Student Chapter

  We are glad that you have considered in joining our growing Student Chapter. As a student, you have started the first step of toward making contact and acquaintance with peers in the field of geophysics. You will be able to grow your network through the SAGEEP conference, and soon through our chapter forum.

The Board of EEGS would like to encourage student members to consider forming a student chapter. Student membership in EEGS is now free and students of any college or university having accredited programs in the geological sciences or geological engineering may petition the EEGS Board of Directors to form an EEGS Student Chapter. To join EEGS as a student member, click here.

To begin the process of forming a chapter, complete the petition form and send it to the EEGS Student Committee Chairperson, Laura Sherrod ( We look forward to seeing you in Austin, Texas at SAGEEP 2015.

Q&A: What are the requirements?

  A minimum of two students and a faculty advisor (if no faculty advisor is named, an external advisor will be assigned) are required to form a Chapter. All chapter members must be EEGS members. Each Chapter will have a President and Vice President, whose responsibilities include promoting student participation in EEGS and SAGEEP through Chapter activities.

Q&A: How to maintain a Chapter?

• A minimum of two meetings (one per semester) must be held by the Chapter each calendar year.
An annual report must be submitted to the EEGS Student Committee by the end of January of each year for inclusion in the EEGS Board meeting held concurrently with SAGEEP.